Safeguard your investment with Lifecycle Connect to track, redeploy and dispatch your IT assets

Lifecycle Connect

Lifecycle Connect is unique to Lifecycle+. It is a complete Asset Management, Deal Registration and Service Management solution. Lifecycle Connect takes you from asset deployment through to final disposition, maximising and safeguarding your investment.

We know managing a fleet of assets can be complex, so we created Lifecycle Connect, a complete Asset and Service Management System. The platform allows you to actively manage your equipment and its users to track, redeploy and dispatch. 

Lifecycle Connect incorporates a Deal Registration and Management solution. This provides access to real-time program pricing for equipment buyback. This instant pricing feature gives you the flexibility to quickly assess the value of your fleet.

Recognising the significance of real-time reporting and process visibility as equipment departs your premises, we have customised Lifecycle Connect to offer our customers comprehensive insight and control.
  • Itemised asset reporting
  • End of Term asset condition reporting including photos
  • End of Term notifications
  • On-demand data erasure, recycling and sustainability certificates
  • Seedling Bank reporting and certification
  • Project/pre-deployment stock reporting
  • Job status reporting