By supporting Planet Ark’s Seedling Bank, we’re helping regenerate plantlife across Australia

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By supporting Planet Ark’s Seedling Bank, we’re helping regenerate the plantlife in schools and communities across Australia.

As part of our Lifecycle Cares program, we have collaborated with Planet Ark to support The Seedling Bank. Through the donation of native seedlings to schools and community groups, planting takes place across Australia as part of National Tree Day, and ongoing regeneration projects throughout the year.

The Seedling Bank provides an essential service to our environment to ensure we are taking steps to care for our Country. We are proud to support this program through our Seedlings for Devices program, whereby we donate native seedlings to The Seedling Bank on behalf of our clients for selected IT devices processed through our facility for reuse*.

This means our clients are not only supporting the Circular Economy by extending the life of each device, reducing landfill, and avoiding the unnecessary depletion of natural resources; they are also contributing to The Seedling Bank’s planting program, directly benefiting the environment.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Established in 1996, National Tree Day has grown into Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature care event. The program is a call to action for all Australians to get their hands dirty and give back to their community. 

Each year, around 300,000 people volunteer their time to engage in environmental activities that educate Australians about the world around them. Since 1996, over 27 million trees, shrubs and grasses have been planted around the country by over five million volunteers.

A key component of the National Tree Day campaign is Planet Ark’s Seedling Bank program, which launched in 2019 with the goal of supplying native seedlings to schools and community groups participating in National Tree Day activities across the country. Since its inception The Seedling Bank has directly supported 132 groups in their efforts to plant over 80,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses. In 2023, another 119 groups will plant over 50,000 seedlings using funding from The Seedling Bank.

National Tree Day 2023