Globally, we are the only ITAD company with a Clean Energy Services division.

Join the Circular Economy

In a world of consumption and waste, we have embraced the Circular Economy by developing sustainable solutions to protect the environment since 2013. Our ITAD and Clean Energy divisions make it easy for you to join the Circular Economy – and we want you to come on the journey with us!

Our collection service is a simple approach to consciously disposing of IT assets and clean energy equipment, knowing all products will be repurposed safely and ethically

Since 2013, we have processed over 1.5 million assets for reuse and redeployment, avoiding landfill and extending the life of each asset. This process creates a cleaner and healthier environment and will have a fundamental impact on future generations.

For businesses with Environment Social Governance plans, we will work with you directly to understand your deliverables from an IT asset and clean energy perspective. From here, we will create a defined strategy to work towards your targets while identifying any unrealised and value-added opportunities.

For more information regarding our standards, regulations and certifications, see our Compliance page.

Our devices are made using natural, finite resources that are processed and provided to manufacturers.
Manufacturers use these finite resources to create our devices such as aluminum, copper, steel, gold, and more. During the manufacturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are also generated these are considered embedded or embodied carbon, the IT industry equates to 2% of all global emissions. 
Device in use in various businesses, education facilities and individual homes
Devices over time will inevitably slow down, and not be optimal for the required use by a business, school, or individual. Devices could also be considered end of use due to damage or the end of a leasing period.

511,000 tonnes of E-waste is generated yearly by Australia alone, unfortunately only half of that is currently getting recycled. This creates unnecessary destruction of embedded/embodied carbon rather than promoting reuse of assets into the secondary market.

We consult on best practice to optimise fleet management. This includes asset redeployment strategies, facilitating user onboarding and offboarding to help reduce the need for purchase of new devices by maximising the use of existing resources and assets.
We successfully extend the life of retiring devices by over 99%, thereby significantly decreasing carton emissions associated with manufacturing new devices or recycling devices unnecessarily. Our efforts make affordable technology accessible worldwide while enhancing the financial value within our customer’s P&L’s.
Our expert team will efficiently coordinate the pickup of items from either an office or a residence, followed by secure data erasure within our facility. Additionally, we offer de-installation, on-site data erasure and professional packaging services to ensure a seamless experience throughout the entire process.
The device goes through our R2v3-accredited inspection process along with a military grade ISO27001 accredited data erasure, utilising our platinum partner, Blancco’s software, ensuring the device is fit for re-use.
Lifecycle Plus is a specialist distributor of used equipment, with our team having over 20 consecutive years of experience placing devices in the secondary market to maximise device life and value.

Over the last decade, Lifecylce+ has continued to be a leading distributor of second-life technology equipment throughout the Asia Pacific region. Experts in IT Asset Disposal, our premium professional services are tailored to suit a variety of industries and sectors.  

Operating out of our 4,500m2 facility in Sydney Australia, we provide tailored end-to-end solutions for end-of-lease and end-of-life IT equipment across Australia and internationally. Our reputation is built on service, reliability, quality, transparency and value. 

Technology Finance

The Lifecycle+ Technology Finance division provides tailored solutions, meaning acquiring assets has never been easier. Our experts provide fast and hassle-free commercial equipment finance to the technology industry.

With end-to-end solutions, we help you refresh your fleet faster. And as we avoid traditional leasing models, you can rest assured there will be no nasty surprises upon the conclusion of the agreement period. From equipment rentals, to finance leases, software loans, or sale and leaseback, we will work closely with you to create the right package.

Clean Energy Services

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing industry, and the Lifecycle+ Clean Energy Services specialists are here to help Australian SME’s access green energy solutions. 

In response to this significant shift towards renewable energy, we provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the acquisition and redeployment of clean energy assets. 

Here at Lifecycle+, we offer Commercial Vendor Finance and are leading the way in the proper disposal and reuse of used solar equipment Nationally. The Clean Energy Services department specialises in renewable energy asset collections, ensuring these assets avoid landfill through redeployment through the circular economy. 

Clean Energy Finance made easy! We provide vendors with renewable energy products to offer their customer base, with a simple payment plan. Offering fast approval, vendors are paid quickly and the end customer obtains the solution they are seeking.

With our digital application process, customers can apply for Instant Finance Approval. Through the portal, vendors can track each stage of their customer’s application in real-time. This combined with our competitive rates ensures an excellent customer experience.