Lifecycle Plus adheres to the Global Business Standards Codex, and its underlying ethical principles. 

Our Directors and Employees promote Lifecycle Plus’ legitimate interests in a diligent manner, adhering to local and international laws. We have clear policies in relation to disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Our Directors and Employees protect company assets, including confidential and proprietary information. We respect our suppliers, customers and competitors intellectual property rights.

Our Directors and Employees honour promises and agreements and pay our suppliers and partners’ on-time in accordance with agreed terms. We are faithful to our word and voluntary undertakings regardless of legally enforceable contracts.

Our Directors and Employees conduct business in a truthful and transparent manner. We refrain from deceptive acts, keep accurate records and offer timely disclosures, while respecting confidentiality and privacy.

Our Directors and Employees respect the dignity of all people. We put health, safety and human rights above profits. We accept our partners and suppliers on their ability to enhance human development in the workplace, the marketplace and the community.

Our Directors and Employees engage in open and fair competition. We deal with all parties fairly and equitably, and practice non-discrimination in employment and contracting.

Our Directors and Employees act as responsible citizens of their respective communities. We obey all applicable laws and regulations and do not condone or participate in corrupt practices. Individually we contribute to the community enrichment through our volunteer leave policy.

Our Directors and Employees offer products and services whose quality meets or exceeds customers’ requirements. We are responsive to the changing market place and our suppliers, partners and customers needs.